Ontological Puppet Show: The Toy Becomes A Weapon

So happy to announce my show at HERE Theater in New York.
A seething experimental landscape of bizarre possibility, this anarchist nihilist philosophy puppet show has toured Europe and the Americas, from Oslo to Buenos Aires, from gutters to galleries, morphing slowly like the singing of a whale. Death stalks the garden and unmasked beings belch forth inverted offspring as God devours the sun.

A Dream Music Puppetry Work-in-Progress Presentation
Credits: By Kalan Sherrard / enormousface
Musical collaborators: Jacob Cohen, Le Le, Tamio Shiraishi
Image by Zachary Maxwell Stertz
Oct 26-28, Thu-Sat @ 7pm, Saturday @ 10:30pm*, Tickets $15
This show contains adult content and may not be appropriate for children.
*Please note that the 10:30pm performance is not suitable for patrons under 18 years of age.
More Information HERE

If Puppets, being gateways between human beings and objects, as tiny portals out of an anthropocentric worldview that upend traditional binaries of: Animate::Inanimate|Living::Dead|Real::Fake….If death marionetted garbage becomes graffiti in time, as the blur between kinetic installation and performance dance, so a species of wise juvenelia with animistic taste buds….If A puppet show is a liminal genre loosed from the fetters of understanding, an melting jazz that tends to free-associate with a radical politic by obviating the mechanisms of control….or the puppet and the puppeteer form a rhizome. [**ibid Deleuze]

1.Weaponize: as toys become tools, tools weapons, and weapons back to toys, look for the claws and teeth in every happy syllogism.
2.Defacialize: to disrupt of the hierarchic primacy of the Upper Organs, to privilege other bodies and anonymize the ego.
3.Non-Goal-Orientation: if the irrevevance of intention begets the erosion of post-cosmic meta-narratives, so to seek without purpose.
4.Abjection: that cast-off trash has the root of reincarnate possibility, to deeply compost value through the sphincters of a suicidal economy, phoenix as suicide bomber, against “re-cycling”, against sustainability, against esoteric materialism, against being against.

Because this is what we would want to see in the world, [in the sad being in the sad world]. The linguistics of shape. Olfactory Puissance. A glitch in the fabric of positivist Kapital. Weirded anti-structure to destabilize frameworked models of meaning. Uncanny Gendered Hex. Triangular Semiotics spinning in free play to distrupt the litanized Why. The bitter hope that deep in an Aesthetic Other there would breed an Other Other. A Chance Opening. Rupture. Eclipse. Thermodynamics Inside Out. Misunderstanding Anatomy to break the Old Way. Dust to the neon Amerikan Unimagination Nightmare. If the words we chose begin to eat the families we chose. Never and Forever locked in sexual embrace.

If a portal opens underground. Expect not to be decieved, bring a large interpretative pallette and strange gifts.

“Anterior Dasein” EuroTour!

Anterior Dasein Tour FLier

To Whom It May Con Cern: I am currently on tour in Europe [Especially of Squats]! Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Brussels, Charleville-Mezieres, Paris, Berlin, Geneva, Zurich, Luxembourg, Athens, Venice, Rome, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, [Hamburg, Dresden, Oslo, Stockholm?!] and Copenhagen are all on the roster (although some might get snipped) – so please connect me to Squats, DIY spaces, weirdo galleries, and wild-eyes radicals in all of those places at least!

Thursday Sept 8, 8pm: Astarotheatro in Amsterdam, Sint Jansstraat 37, 1012 HG Amsterdam, ADM Friday Septelber 8th, and Joe’s Garage Monday the 11th at 8pm as part of a Freedom of Movement benefit for Refugees! Wow Amsterdam!

Prints and Patches of the above flier should soon be available, please contact me for that.

Also finally loaded up a Patreon Page if anybody wants to unload onto this Sugar-Baby or contextualize other acts of monetary solidarity (paypal/venmo works too!)

nothing exists edinburgh





Nobody Fall In The Hole

Featuring Kalan Sherrard on puppetry, vocals, and balloons
Jacob Cohen playing the Cello
Max Cohen banging on a huge metallic gate
Mág Ne Tá holding the eternal flame
filmed by Jenna Kline
special thanks to Adriana Varella

performed July 15th at Fort Tilden in the Gateway National Recreational Area in Queens, NY as part of the Secret Garden performance project organized by anarkoartlab + wild embeddings .

I’m a pretty anxious and anti-confident musician although I have been singing more lately, and I was pretty happy to hear this thing we did at fort tilden recorded. If you’re impatient just skip to 1:30 and listen a minute and change… we could turn this into a hit single maybe? I think sometimes my voice sounds like a kinda borderline mockery pastiche accent, which I’m not happy about and wasnt my intention, so sorry about that, but i think there’s good parts!

Part of the context is that we were all hanging out by this weird vault/cave down there at midnight and sort of established the groundrule that we could have a good time but probably shouldn’t go into the gaping voidlike maw yawning open cavernously behind us, or the janky sewer opening below us. Next time we’re going in though. Part II: In The Hole.

NYC Anarchist Bookfair Poster

0ABF 3frameHere is the poster I made for the 2017 NY Anarchist Bookfair. Feel free to print them out and plaster them everywhere, send them around etc. I’ll be performing at the Art Festival and doing some workshops at the Book Fair. God, thick times though! Just back from Bard, D.C. and Baltimore, performing at the Anarchist Bookfair Fundraiser this Friday 4-28 at MayDay Space with Pinc Louds, Mankind, and Witch Slap. To get these updates in a more timely fashion, join my mailing list! (IG and TW do ok too)

Inline image 5
It is with great pride and delight that I write to announce the release of the first market-ready edition of my new burgeoning work-on-paper: The Morphology of XOS: A Utopic Vision of Hell with Anarchist Dialectics and Hentai Tentacle Geography, which has be described [PDF] as a kind of hybrid between the Necronomicon and the Codex Serifianus. It’s now in it’s 0.4th edition, with color plates, the central codex, poster, trading cards, some textual addenda, and a demonic colonist sticker, starting at $20+ (more for extras).
The Morphology is a taxonomic encounter with a Demonic Planet birthed from the Toothed Yoni of Futuristic Transgender Anarchist Superher@ Jethr@ Rube, a speculative vision of extreme psychogeographic alterity dangling between the genres of Graphic Novel, Codex, Encyclopedia, Tijuana Bible, Chapbook, and Zine.
I have been at work on the morphology for over five years now, and intend it as en emergent object that will keep growing over the years, something that draws together a number of threads of other projects.  Elements dip in and out of reproduction, theoretical implosion, and reanalysis, and Previous Editions 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 can also be updated with the most current addenda.
Extras Include:
-Jethro Rube: Anarchist Superher@
-Asemic Novela
-Fauna Prints (Rhizome Herd etc)
-Dimebags from the Void
-An Actual Planet (in the works)
For purchase, bartering, or otherwise obtaining a copy of the Morphology, please write me via electronic or paper mail, and we can figure out the details. I accept most forms of exchange. For more information please see the new Liminal Merch section of my website.

Radical Politics Mixtape

Here’s something I’ve been working on my whole life. Hope it can finally be useful. Applications may include street protests, black blocks, and general motivational boom-boxing.

In any case you’ll find here a brimmingly curated array of musical Resistance focusing especially on Anarchist Analysis, Black Power, Riot Grrrl Feminism, LGBTQ Liberation, Prison/Police Abolition, Anti-Capitalism & Anti-Fascism, Indigenous Rights, Ecology, and (forgotten) Radical History. Heavy on Punk, Hip Hop and old-time Americana. Very open to suggestions. Please email feedback! I’ve been trying to write for 3 months. More soon I hope.