“Anterior Dasein” EuroTour!

Anterior Dasein Tour FLier

To Whom It May Con Cern: I am currently on tour in Europe [Especially of Squats]! Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Brussels, Charleville-Mezieres, Paris, Berlin, Geneva, Zurich, Luxembourg, Athens, Venice, Rome, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, [Hamburg, Dresden, Oslo, Stockholm?!] and Copenhagen are all on the roster (although some might get snipped) – so please connect me to Squats, DIY spaces, weirdo galleries, and wild-eyes radicals in all of those places at least!

Thursday Sept 8, 8pm: Astarotheatro in Amsterdam, Sint Jansstraat 37, 1012 HG Amsterdam, ADM Friday Septelber 8th, and Joe’s Garage Monday the 11th at 8pm as part of a Freedom of Movement benefit for Refugees! Wow Amsterdam!

Prints and Patches of the above flier should soon be available, please contact me for that.

Also finally loaded up a Patreon Page if anybody wants to unload onto this Sugar-Baby or contextualize other acts of monetary solidarity (paypal/venmo works too!)

nothing exists edinburgh





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