Nobody Fall In The Hole

Featuring Kalan Sherrard on puppetry, vocals, and balloons
Jacob Cohen playing the Cello
Max Cohen banging on a huge metallic gate
Mág Ne Tá holding the eternal flame
filmed by Jenna Kline
special thanks to Adriana Varella

performed July 15th at Fort Tilden in the Gateway National Recreational Area in Queens, NY as part of the Secret Garden performance project organized by anarkoartlab + wild embeddings .

I’m a pretty anxious and anti-confident musician although I have been singing more lately, and I was pretty happy to hear this thing we did at fort tilden recorded. If you’re impatient just skip to 1:30 and listen a minute and change… we could turn this into a hit single maybe? I think sometimes my voice sounds like a kinda borderline mockery pastiche accent, which I’m not happy about and wasnt my intention, so sorry about that, but i think there’s good parts!

Part of the context is that we were all hanging out by this weird vault/cave down there at midnight and sort of established the groundrule that we could have a good time but probably shouldn’t go into the gaping voidlike maw yawning open cavernously behind us, or the janky sewer opening below us. Next time we’re going in though. Part II: In The Hole.

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