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It is with great pride and delight that I write to announce the release of the first market-ready edition of my new burgeoning work-on-paper: The Morphology of XOS: A Utopic Vision of Hell with Anarchist Dialectics and Hentai Tentacle Geography, which has be described [PDF] as a kind of hybrid between the Necronomicon and the Codex Serifianus. It’s now in it’s 0.4th edition, with color plates, the central codex, poster, trading cards, some textual addenda, and a demonic colonist sticker, starting at $20+ (more for extras).
The Morphology is a taxonomic encounter with a Demonic Planet birthed from the Toothed Yoni of Futuristic Transgender Anarchist Superher@ Jethr@ Rube, a speculative vision of extreme psychogeographic alterity dangling between the genres of Graphic Novel, Codex, Encyclopedia, Tijuana Bible, Chapbook, and Zine.
I have been at work on the morphology for over five years now, and intend it as en emergent object that will keep growing over the years, something that draws together a number of threads of other projects.  Elements dip in and out of reproduction, theoretical implosion, and reanalysis, and Previous Editions 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 can also be updated with the most current addenda.
Extras Include:
-Jethro Rube: Anarchist Superher@
-Asemic Novela
-Fauna Prints (Rhizome Herd etc)
-Dimebags from the Void
-An Actual Planet (in the works)
For purchase, bartering, or otherwise obtaining a copy of the Morphology, please write me via electronic or paper mail, and we can figure out the details. I accept most forms of exchange. For more information please see the new Liminal Merch section of my website.